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In order to provide our members with the most choices possible, our network includes providers who are contracted directly with Evergreen Health and providers who are contracted with our partner, PHCS.

PHCS maintains their own provider directory so below you will find two provider search options.

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    All Evergreen Health members also have access to providers contracted directly with Evergreen Health and through our partner, PHCS.. Make sure you use both search options to view the full network provider choices available to you.

    Why do I have to search two directories?

    PHCS is maintained and operated by our partner and unfortunately we can’t combine their directory into the same search as the providers contracted directly with Evergreen Health network. You have the same access to in-network providers but it involves an extra step. You will be directed to a new search page maintained by PHCS, a division of Multiplan.

    Looking for a pharmacy?

    Go to myCatamaranRX to find a pharmacy near you.


    Click here to find a provider near you.

    Note: Not all Evergreen Health members will have vision and dental coverage. Please refer to your Plan Agreement or call the Member Services phone number on the front of your Member ID card with any questions about vision and dental coverage. The providers listed in the PHCS directory for mental health, substance abuse, vision, and dental are not a part of the network available to our members. Please search Evergreen Health's Find a Provider tool l to find any of these types of providers.

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